Harvey Resources


The following information and resources are being provided to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  I have also created a Facebook Group that you can join for more resources and information.

We will continue to post links to resources to help Houston and the surrounding areas recover from Hurricane Harvey. #HoustonStrong

Targeted Donation Request:

To assist those in flooded by Hurricane Harvey, the Unleashed Radio Hour is conducting a USB Flash Drive-Drive.  The flash drives will be collected and distributed to those that have been flooded so that they can save the pictures of their damaged homes and items and present them to their insurance adjusters.  We will pre-load each drive with the Declarations-Home Contents/Items-Free (Download the file) so that it if those impacted do not have internet access, they can have access to the files.

Here is a video on YouTube on how to use the spreadsheet:

Recommended Drives: (or similar 16GB Drives)

EASTFUN 4 Pack 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives Thumb Drives Memory Stick (4 Pcs Colors: Black Blue Red Green) (Currently Priced at only $21.68)

Here is a list of similiar resources on Amazon.com.

You can order them on line and have them shipped to the following address:

Ron Klinger
Unleashed Radio Hour
P.O. Box 922
Seabrook, TX 77586

I will share where the drives are donated and put to use.  If you have any contacts with companies such as Best Buy, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon.com, or others, please email me at:  rklinger@mtran.com.

Where to volunteer:

Shelters/FEMA Hotel:

Insurance/FEMA Resources:

Info on Declarations-Home Contents/Items Spreadsheet:


  • Qty=Enter the quantity of the items damaged/lost.
  • Item Description=Describe the item with as much detail as you can.
  • Age=How old, best estimate, is the damaged item(s).
  • Cost Per=What would be the cost to replace.  Use websites to find best estimate on replacement.  This matters when you turn in your claim as to the amount requested.
  • Brand=Who made the product? Kenmore? Panasonic? The Gap? Etc.,
  • Model #=Is there a model number?  This is usually for electronics, appliances, and other larger items.
  • Serial #=Is there a serial number on the product or item?  This will help your insurance claim run smoothly.
  • Pic No.=Cannot stress enough to take and save as many pictures as you can.  For delcarations, suggest taking individual pictures of the items. You can then create a hyperlink in your spread sheet to the picture that corresponds to the item.
  • Room=What room was the damaged item(s) located in?  This helps to sort to ensure you got all the damange goods from each room.
  • Item Type=What kind of item is it?  Clothing?  Furniture?  Appliances? Electronics? Etc.  These can be any labels you wish to apply.  This will help you sort as well.
  • Totals=The amout totals of your contents claim should be at the very bottom of the spreadsheet.  You can delete rows if necessary to make the list shorter.

Filtering:  The little arrows in the column headings are to filter by that column.  This is helpful when you are reviwing “Room” contents mostly.  In addition “Item Types” are avialable to make sure you have all the items you have lost indexed accordingly.

Your claims agents will LOVE this if you save it on a flash drive, along with all the pictures that you linked.  This will help you get your claim faster and back on the road to recovery.