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01.21.2016: How To Unleash Your Career…Part Deux! (#Ronologue)

Stop for a moment and rate your current job/career.  Are you fully engaged and satisfied where you are?  Are you getting everything that you want and need for your current situation?  Do you know where to start a job search … Continue reading

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12.31.2015:  Unleashing the Best of YOU! (#Ronologue)

Happy New Year!  It won’t be long until the world is a buzz with energy and an optimistic aura about what the New Year will bring.  What is your first thought after you utter those words?  For many the New … Continue reading

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09.03.2015:  I’ve got Personality!

Personalities never clash, right?  Have you ever had a difficult time working with certain people?  How about working with others that seems so easy, you wonder why it can’t always be that way? If you have ever tried to understand … Continue reading

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