09.03.2015:  I’ve got Personality!

picture11Personalities never clash, right?  Have you ever had a difficult time working with certain people?  How about working with others that seems so easy, you wonder why it can’t always be that way?

If you have ever tried to understand others, and to work towards more effective relationships but did not know how, then this show is for you!

Tune in to The Unleashed Radio Hour, heard live every Thursday from 10am-11am (CST) on Business 1110am KTEK (streaming live at www.UnleashedRadioHour.com) where it’s a Ronologue for the week.  Join host, Ron Klinger, and learn about your personality, the personality of others and how you can improve your relationships and results!  Two lucky callers will receive complimentary Insights Discovery Profiles just for calling in!

To Learn More:  www.mtran.com/Insights.htm


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