03.17.2016-Service That Matters (#Ronologue)


Every one of us has had that customer service experience that sent us running to the hills.  It only takes one bad experience for us to unplug, disconnect, and go looking elsewhere for the same goods or services from someone else.  On the flip side, many of us have our favorite product or business that we pledge our loyalty to on a regular basis.  Why?  That’s easy, the quality of the service provided matters!

Tune in to The Unleashed Radio Hour this Thursday from 10am-11am (CST) on Business 1110am KTEK (streaming live at www.UnleashedRadioHour.com) with host, Ron Klinger, for a dive into how you can create a culture in your company or business where service matters.  Listen in to learn what impacts the level of service your team provides, as well as how you MUST monitor your service levels to all you are called upon to serve.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, service does matter!

To Learn More:  www.MotivationalTransitions.com


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