09.02.2017: Unleashed Radio Hour USB Flash Drive-Drive


Here at the Unleashed Radio Hour we are working to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey begin the road to recovery with our USB Flash Drive-Drive!  Why a USB Flash Drive-Drive?

Great question!

In 2008 my family was impacted like so many today, from Hurricane Ike.  We took on 2-3 feet of storm surge that flooded our home.  It was a long process and road to recovery but we came out of it stronger on the others side.

One of the key lessons I learned, that I am doing all I can to share NOW, is that those who have been flooded, or their homes have been damaged need to DOCUMENT NOW!  Insurance adjusters and companies need to SEE the damage.  The Texas spirit of rolling up our sleeves to get the job done is phenominal!  However, it is also time to pause and capture the damage that has been done.  FEMA staff are quoted all over saying the very same thing.  Here are some tips I have gathered as well as resources to demonstrate WHY I am collecting Flash Drives, more info at (https://unleashedradiohour.com/harvey-resources).


  1.  Take pictures, and then take more!  Take pictures of the damage to your home.  If you were flooded, capture the level of the water damage.  Take a picture with a tape measure with a mark, or use your finger to show how high the water came in.  If there are natural water lines, take pictures.

    Take pictures of your damaged items.  Lay them out in the yard, on your driveway, on your floor, and take pictures of items.  This will help you when it comes to delcaring your damages on your claim paperwork.

  2. Download the Declarations-Home Items-Free Excelspread Sheet.  Use this to capture and record the damaged contents of your home.  There is a video on the Harvey Resources page on this site that walks you through how to use it.  If you have questions email me at rklinger@mtran.com for assistance.  I am happy to help!
  3. Store your Photos and Delcarations Spread Sheet.  This is where the USB Flash Drive-Drive comes in.  It is amazing that we can store all this on a flash drive, and then hand it to an insurance adjuster.  This makes their job easier.  If you make their job easier to file your claim, then you can get your funds faster=faster road to recovery.  THIS IS THE REASON FOR THE DRIVE!
  4. Donations:  If you would like to help, please purchase 16GB Flash Drives and ship them to the following address:

Ron Klinger
Unleashed Radio Hour
PO BOX 922
Seabrook, TX 77586

Here is a list of examples on Amazon.com.

The flashdrives will be loaded with the Declarations Spread Sheet and instructions on how to use it with links to our website.  This will help store the all the digital files that those who were impacted will want to save.

Thank you in advance for your support!  #HoustonStrong #TexasStrong


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