09.11.2017-Strategies for Overcoming Adversity! #Ronologue

0e1b33f954ddd0158d6469043547cf3bebc0Today marks the 16th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11.  Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have directly impacted so many and will do so for days to come.  There is a ripple effect of such challenges and adversity.  How do you get back up and keep rolling?  What keeps you moving forward?

Tune in to The Unleashed Radio hour this Monday from 1:00-2:00pm (CDT) on Business 1110am KTEK (streaming live at www.UnleashedRadioHour.com) as we have a heart-to-heart conversation on tips and strategies for overcoming adversity.  No, this is not a couch session, but a show that needs to be conducted.  It is time to unleash the best of you even when that seems it is not possible!

Whether you were directly impacted, or not, we are all a bit more solemn today.  It’s human nature and we need to process where we are, and reconcile how to move forward.  Listen in to find inspiration, motivation, and learn how you can overcome and conquer the days ahead.

If you have questions or comments, connect with us during the show on the Motivational Transitions text line at 281.892.1972, or call in at 713.785.1817!

To Learn More:  www.MotivationalTransitions.com  


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