A Time of Pause and Reflection…

Unleashed Radio Hour Annoucement

In the ever changing environment of communications, technology, and yes radio, it is bigstock-Pause-D-Button-8446993with a heavy heart that I share that the Unleashed Radio Hour has been paused.  Paused?  Yes, paused.  Due to circumstances out of our control (Hurricane Harvey) it is necessary to put a pause on the hosting and broadcasting of the show.

Where will you go from here?  

Great question!  That is why the title of this post is also about reflection.  Listenership and engagement has dropped off in the last year.  How to regain that participation and to ensure quality content is delivered to you, our listeners, is priority.  The rest of 2017 will be focused on gaining business traction for Motivtational Transitions, and assessing the best path forward for the future of the Unleashed Radio Hour.

Many thanks!

Thank you to all of those that have followed the show and for your support.  Stay tuned here, and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/UnleashedRadioHour for updates and the future of the show.  Be sure to review the podcast link for close to three (3) years of shows that were produced to help you “unleash your career and business“.

Until then…

Ron Klinger
Unleashed Radio Hour


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